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How it works

How New Leaf can help

We can help you with your personal debt ranging from $8000 to more than $200,000.

We’ll legally change your debt repayments and conditions to match your situation and we’ll manage all of your debts for you.

You’ll pay one regular repayment a month so you can stop stressing and get on with your new life.

Get your debts sorted with New Leaf

The first step is to apply over the phone or online. One of our consultants can assess your eligibility in five minutes!

Then, one of our friendly staff will contact you to verify your income and expenses. This will help us work out what plan will suit you best. Straight away, we’ll send you documents to sign.

We’ll then contact your creditors for you. We’ll tell them we’re authorised to represent you, and we’ll make sure their calls come through to us and not you.

We’ll legally modify all of your contracts to suit your new payment plan, and then your New Leaf journey is under way.

Finally, once you finish your agreement, any remaining and unaffordable debt, interest and principle will be written off.

Check your eligibility to receive debt relief

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